Our purposeful team

We are on a mission to find the solutions our planet needs and then scale them up as much as possible.

Based in Barcelona and Belgium, we are international both in mind-set and geographic reach.

Frederic Lodewyk

Frederic Lodewyk,
Founding Partner

Before establishing Planet Founders, Frederic created a number of companies providing services and finance to small companies and freelancers. In 2012, he and two partners created the fintech: Koalaboox. Koalaboox arranged more than 450 Mio € of funding, to small and very small companies unable to access finance from banks. Koalaboox was acquired by a large software company in 2020.

What is your vision for Planet Founders?

It is very simple. We all know the Planet is not doing well, so we need to act quickly. The good news is many solutions exist, but they need to be tweaked to make them scalable and efficient. And that’s where we come in …

Why do you find the creation of companies so rewarding?

Working in a team of talented persons who are all aiming at a common goal is really rewarding. After all, companies are a very efficient tool to influence our society and the quality of life, in both a good and bad way. We believe that if you set-up a company with a great team and the right purpose, you can do a lot of good.

Why do you have an office in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the few cities in Europe that offers an international culture, a good quality of life, the sea, the sun … and good food.  There are also many talented people working in Barcelona and enjoying life.

Jean-François Van Laere

Jean-François Van Laere,
Operation Manager

Before joining Planet Founders, Jean-François worked in the business of start-up assistance and support. He is actively involved in modern art.

What does Planet Founders offer you?

Planet Founders is an opportunity to combine the creation and support of innovative and sustainable activities, with the desire to do our bit and provide the solutions our planet needs.

What talent do you wish you had?

I like Pop Art and contemporary art. Beyond the beauty of the artworks themselves, I think that art is a trace that we leave in our world. But it’s sadly a talent that I don’t have!